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Featured Items

04) Tickets (July 8th) vs Rockford Rivets @ 6:35pm
05) Tickets (July 10th) vs Green Bay Booyah @ 6:35pm
06) Tickets (July 11th) vs Lacrosse Loggers @ 6:35pm
07) Tickets (July 12th) vs Lacrosse Loggers @ 1:05pm
08) Tickets (July 14th) vs Wis Rapids Rafters @ 6:35pm
09) Tickets (July 18th) vs Wis Rapids Rafters @ 1:05pm
10) Tickets (July 20th) vs Wisconsin Woodchucks @ 6:35pm
11) Tickets (July 22nd) vs Rockford Rivets @ 6:35pm
12) Tickets (July 23rd) vs Rockford Rivets @ 6:35pm
13) Tickets (July 25th) vs Green Bay Booyah @ 6:35pm
14) Tickets (July 30th) vs La Crosse Loggers @ 6:35pm
15) Tickets (July 31st) vs La Crosse Loggers @ 6:35pm
16) Tickets (Aug 2nd) vs Green Bay Booyah @ 1:05pm
17) Tickets (Aug 5th) vs Wisconsin Woodchucks @ 6:35pm
18) Tickets (Aug 7th) vs Wis Rapids Rafters @ 6:35pm
19) Tickets (Aug 8th) vs Rockford Rivets @ 6:35pm
20) Tickets (Aug 9th) vs Rockford Rivets @ 1:05pm
21) Tickets (Aug 14th) vs Wisconsin Woodchucks @ 6:35pm
22) Tickets (Aug 17th) vs Green Bay Booyah @ 6:35pm
23) Tickets (Aug 18th) vs Green Bay Booyah @ 6:35pm
24) Tickets (Aug 19th) vs Wis Rapids Rafters @ 6:35pm
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